Death Valley

After being in Death Valley in October I truly can’t imagine the horror of being there in the summer. October was pretty much perfect, cool at night and warm to hot during the day. The stars were incredible as well. Nothing beats desert stars and there was no moon or highway to interfere at all.

We got into the park as it was getting dark, set up camp in one of the dispersed sites and spent the next day exploring the park. We hit the sand dunes, Mosaic Canyon, Badwater Basin, and Zabriskie Point.

Mosaic Canyon was a fun three and a half ish mile hike up a canyon that became pretty slot like at some points and had lots of little scrambles off to the side to explore.

Even in October the salt flats in Badwater Basin were nightmarishly hot, and it felt like the salt was sucking the moisture out of my skin just as I was standing there. Stunningly beautiful of course but boy I really don’t handle heat well.

On the way out of the park we did a quick stop at Zabriskie Point, which was a great overlook, and wandered around the badlands style formations for a while. A very cool park overall but only manageable because it was cool. Again, summer would be awful.

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