Great Sand Dunes and Guadalupe Mountains

Great Sand Dunes was intended to be the second to last stop, taking a full day, and then I would spend a day at Guadalupe Mountains National Park. When I arrived at Great Sand Dunes however, it was the weekend and I did not have a reservation. There was not an available campsite. Now the sand dunes are absolutely amazing but I have been there before and it’s really just a pile of sand. So I bit the bullet and moved on. I ended up getting to Guadalupe sometime around 11pm and managed to find a campsite where I could pull in and sleep in the car. It was an anticlimactic ending to an epic road trip but after the amazing forests, mountains and snow, I didn’t really feel like hanging out in the desert. I headed home and got ready to head back into the woods on the Vermont Long Trail and Matt and I will check out Guadalupe Mountains National Park in the fall or winter when I can stand the desert.

Great Sand Dunes 2Great Sand Dunes


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