Yellowstone: Views From the Car

I wasn’t able to get a campsite when I got to Yellowstone, but I did drive through the entire park looking for one. When I came in the Southeast entrance the sign said that Mammoth was open, but in the 77 miles it took to get there the campground filled. I got a spot in an RV campground outside of the park and got up with the sun to get a site at Tower Fall campground for the next two nights, which was small, shady, and secluded. All the driving through the park emphasized how accessible the stunning view were, as well as the wildlife (to be posted later).





















Sylvan Lake, right at the entrance of the park. This was just the beginning of the snow. Since moving to Texas I’ve seen more snow in the summers on my trips than I have in the winter despite the trips to Vermont over winter break.

Views looking northeast towards Lamar Valley

The two pictures above were both near Dunraven Pass.

South of Tower Falls

Lamar Valley

Cheeseburger in Paradise! A quick lunch stop at a pullout near Grand Prismatic Spring.

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