There could not have been more of a difference between our trip in the Galapagos and our trip in the Amazon…

In between we made a stop in Lima to visit Alonso (our roommate/landlord before he moved to Peru for a year) and had WAY more adventure than expected. Our full day there we encountered danger, intrigue, and drama.


Alonso took us out to dinner where the danger began. I wasn’t hungry so I ordered a bowl of soup and it was actually big enough that a baby could have napped in the bowl. Matt ordered anticuchos. He’s been to Peru before and generally is pretty good at eating food, but this night was an exception. He dipped the meat in the hot sauce, tried to pull it apart, and the next thing we knew he was writhing in pain. He had shot the hot sauce right into his eye and blinded himself for like five minutes.


After we recovered and I ate a completely unnoticeable amount of my soup, we walked back to Alonso’s second floor apartment and realized….he forgot the keys.

Alonso had to jump the fence to let us in the security gate (the security guard was on strike or something), then came the real challenge…getting into the apartment…

We tried the credit card thing that people do on tv. It didn’t work. Not surprising. But the kitchen window was open. And there was a pipe running along the wall. Discussion ensued. Matt is the tallest and has the longest reach, but is the heaviest. Alonso lives in the apartment but is uncomfortable with heights. I have the shortest reach but am the lightest and probably the best climber (no offense Matt). This was my Alex Honnold moment. It was time to free solo. Like Alex, I didn’t tell my friends and family that I was doing this, but I had friends filming. One spotted, one took a snapchat video.

Just a page from my climbing journal from when I was studying the route.

There was a hard pitch in the middle, but I made it. The movie aired on snapchat and is unfortunately no longer available. With all of the danger and adversity we overcame in Lima we were definitely ready for the next adventure…the Amazon.

I had no idea Paddington Bear was from Peru!

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