So a couple weeks ago we got back from the trip of a lifetime; first we spent a week on an “expedition cruise” through the Galapagos Islands, then we stopped in Lima for a few days and then headed over the mountains to Iquitos to spend 5 days in the Amazon. I never use the word blessed, because it doesn’t feel right unless I’m holding a Starbucks frappuccino in one hand and putting my other hand on my heart, but I do know I’m incredibly lucky to have had the opportunity to take this bucket list trip so early in my life.

Before we embarked on the cruise, we flew into Quito where we had a full day to check out the sites. This ended up being very fortunate for me because in the process of getting all of my immunizations for the Amazon I learned that the Yellow Fever Vaccine was backordered…for the entire United States. Did it say this on the CDC travel warnings? Yes. Was it a big red banner across the top of the Peru page? No, it was a small warning in the right hand corner. Our one day in Quito was exactly 10 days before we were heading into the jungle. Fortunately for me, Ecuador still has the vaccine despite the worldwide shortage, the hotel concierge was able to find a nearby private hospital, and Matt speaks Spanish. My original plan was to go to the public hospital early in the morning (apparently they only open one vial per day) and say “amarillo” while holding my hand to my forehead and then miming a shot. Going to a private hospital with someone who spoke Spanish was a better call. And it was only $40! (Including certificate) And the doctor gave us a great dinner recommendation!

It was a huge weight off my shoulders, and then we could enjoy Quito. We did a brief tour of the Old Town, ate some excellent empanadas, and then did a light exploration of the adjacent Andes via gondola.

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