Shadow Lake Lodge

Shadow Lake Lodge was our big splurge on a trip full of camping and crashing at relatives’ houses. It was completely worth it. We were nervous in the lead up because the lodge was so close to the fire closure areas and a nearby lodge had been evacuated, but Shadow Lake stayed on that outside edge of the fire closures. While we were staying there some backpackers hiked past the lodge and apparently made a campfire on the shore of the lake. A few guests told the lodge management who called it in, but said nothing might happen because there was an elk situation in downtown Jasper that park rangers were dealing with. Then during dinner the helicopter came in. It circled and then landed in front of the dining cabin, rangers came in and questioned the guests that had seen the fire. The best part was as the helicopter was circling and landing we all ran to the window to take pictures and when we realized they were coming in we all ran back to our seats and tried to act super normal so they would think we were cool and not freaking out about the helicopter. I don’t think they were convinced.

The lodge itself and the experience we had there exceeded all of my expectations. We knew that we would get a cabin, breakfast and dinner, afternoon tea, and a sandwich bar in the morning to make lunches for our hikes. We were trying to time our hike in to get there right in time for afternoon tea and we spent the entire hike trying to lower our expectations: “It’s probably literally just tea, maybe some crackers or a muffin or something.” “Even if it’s just tea that’ll be fine, we like tea.” But we secretly wanted more… “What if there are crumpets? We could finally figure out what a crumpet is!” “Do you think there will be any cheese?” Even with our alternating low and high bar afternoon tea discussions, when we saw the afternoon tea spread, I think I started jumping up and down. I think there were crumpets. It’s still not clear to me what crumpets are. And tea was nothing compared to breakfast and dinner. Breakfast itself was a multi course affair.

Tea on afternoon number 2
Our salmon dinner on the second night.

The young women who worked there (the one in charge was the daughter of the owners) were amazing. They chatted to us about hikes, and when I asked about a ginger pear upside down cake they gave me the recipe, their additional notes, and the sauce recipe that they used. They were phenomenal.

And the hiking was amazing. And the views were amazing. And the flowers were amazing. And the other people staying at the lodge were amazing.

Shadow Lake on a sunny day. That notch in the center is the pass that we hiked to on our big hiking day (Ball Pass).
This crazy all purple flower. WHAT IS THIS?
Shadow Lake on a cloudy day.
The beginning of our hike out to Ball Pass.
On the other side of Ball Pass in all the wildflowers. And in BC! We crossed the border between Alberta and British Columbia when we crossed the pass.


Looking back at Alberta and the hanging glacier on Mt. Ball.
That lake you can see is Shadow Lake, and in the clearing to the right (East) are the cabins.
Matt in front of Mt. Ball
My AMAZING sandwich that I made for my hike. It had avocados, pickles, turkey, ham, tomatoes and it was SO GOOD.
Mt. Ball
Our table mates from dinner that ended up doing the long hike and having lunch with us as well. Some of the amazing people that we dined with, wined with, hiked with, and played trivial pursuit with during a hailstorm.


Heading back down the trail.


Some very pretty columbines. About to follow are many pictures of wildflowers that Matt had to wait on me for quite a bit.


Crazy purple flower
I just can’t remember what this flower is called.


And we made it back for tea!
A little side trail to a peninsula in the middle of Shadow Lake where we enjoyed 360 views and a pair of loons.
One loonie. There was a toonie.
The view from the cabin porch.
Sunrise on the mountains.

Are you convinced that this is the best place in the world? It really was. Here’s the website:


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