The Coromandel Peninsula

I’m starting to go a little bit stir crazy, as most people are I’m sure. I always get that in the winter but usually the spring is when I can start going camping, especially here in Texas. Now though, I have nowhere to camp but my backyard. So I’m getting into what I usually do in the winter, planning future trips and going back through my photos from past trips. Last summer we went to New Zealand and traveled for a week with my brother and his partner, and going back through these photos reminded me what an amazing trip it was, so I’ll use this time when I’m staying home and social distancing to virtually visit again.

We flew in to Auckland to see my brother, and while we were on the North Island we just rented a car…on the South Island we upgraded to campervan. We first drove up to the Coromandel Peninsula…

On the evening we got to town, we just strolled down to the beach to stretch our legs and check out the ocean.

The next morning we got up early to try to get Cathedral Cove to ourselves, and it was definitely worth it.

On the mellow hike down from the parking lot, we saw what must have been a record setting quail to tree ratio.

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