Getting to Mt Cook

One of the reasons that renting a campervan was definitely worth it is the amazing drives between locations. The South Island definitely has no flyover states. For some of the windy drives with minimal guard rails, driving on the left side of the road, you definitely need a confident driver, and driving at night is a bit much, but still worth it.

We made a number of scenic stops on our drive out to Aoraki Mount Cook National Park, and arrived just in time for sunset.

Our lunch stop, and our first snow at our level (instead of just up on the mountains)
This is where I lost my glove, which was very upsetting. We were in a rush to leave before these people that we had met on the North Island and we had just passed on the road caught up to us and tried to talk to us about coffee tequila again.
Pulling into the valley where we would be camping.
We were pretty psyched about getting this parking spot, although it was a long cold walk to the bathrooms.

We did some evening exploring around the base area before making dinner and enjoying our coldest night yet in the South Island winter.

Aoraki/Mt. Cook
Bopping around looking at the sunset
We also visited the monument to climbers/alpinists that lost their lives in the mountains.

3 thoughts on “Getting to Mt Cook

  1. Linda

    What a great trip! The pictures are simply beautiful. Thank you.
    Just because we’re home at this point due to the virus it doesn’t stop me from traveling through your camera and the gorgeous pictures you show on your blog. Thank you !
    Aunt Linda


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