Mt. Aspiring National Park

The drive from Lake Tekapo to Mt. Aspiring National Park had views on par with the destination itself, and some of the windiest, windiest (squiggly roads and high winds) roads we experienced until the drive to Milford Sound.

The park itself was one of the few places we were actually able to freedom camp in the van, which was a very satisfying experience. It also makes you appreciate how accessible dispersed camping in National Forests and on BLM lands is in the United States. We did several little hikes in the park; the blue pools, some waterfalls, and then a little trek up to a viewpoint which had the most amazing fungi.

Driving to Mt. Aspiring National Park

These were my favorite clouds.

Blue Pools and Waterfalls

New Zealand has the best suspension foot bridges

Tiny Fungi (My favorite)

3 thoughts on “Mt. Aspiring National Park

  1. Linda hamm

    The suspension foot bridges would have scared the heck out of me. I loved the vegetation though. It says I’ve said this but I haven’t so send it


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