Vegetable Stir Fry

Vegetable Stir Fry

Serves 2, 7.3 oz


Basic dehydrating for vegetables.

1 ½ packets ramen noodles

½ packet stir fry mix

¼ cup peas

Dehydrated from frozen. These will fall through the racks if you don’t use one of the additional racks or parchment paper.

⅛ cup green peppers

⅛ cup broccoli

Dehydrated from frozen. Cut up while still frozen and dehydrate immediately. You may need parchment paper, the little florets fall through the rack easily.

⅛ cup mushrooms

Clean and slice mushrooms before dehydrating. You can wash them with water instead of taking the time to brush off all the dirt since they’re losing all their water anyway.

⅛ cup tomatoes

Dehydrate from fresh. Use grape, plum or roma, nothing larger than that or you’ll end up with a high seed to flesh ratio.

⅛ cup onions

For pearl onions, cut in half and dehydrate from frozen. For normal sized onions dehydrate from fresh, cut into ½ inch pieces.

Ramen.jpgStir Fry.jpgPeas.jpgGreep Peppers.jpgMushrooms.jpgTomatoes.jpgOnions.jpg

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