I think I forgot about Denali and the other parks in Alaska in my lineup of National Parks photos because I went before I made this site. It’s a travesty just to write the words “I forgot about Denali” and I feel incredibly guilty about it.


Teklanika River, behind our campsite


Above, views from Polychrome Pass overlook, below, hiking Polychrome Mountain.


Below, a coyote on Polychrome Pass and more views:IMG_3937IMG_3938

Denali from Reflection Pond (where we also saw a wood frog)IMG_3943

Views from Eilson Visitor CenterIMG_3958

I realize these pictures make it seem as if we saw barely any wildlife. That couldn’t be further from the truth; moose, caribou, coyote, grizzly bears, Dall sheep, golden eagles-everything but a wolf. The issue was that we only had iPhones. Below I’ve included the desperate attempt to photograph wildlife by holding binoculars up to the iPhone camera. I’ll let you be the judge of this method’s merit.


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