Rocky Mountain: Flora and Fauna

Rocky Mountain National  Park turned out to be moosapalooza. I ended up seeing six in one day. The moose below was by far the closest and as an added bonus a family pulled up next to me while I was taking pictures (from a safe distance) and I was able to point a moose out to a man wearing a moose hat complete with antlers. Unfortunately he thought I was joking when I wanted to take a picture of him with the moose in the background.


A fairy slipper. Much much prettier than a lady slipper in my personal opinion.


I have no idea what this flower is but I love how weird it looks.

They’re far away but I spent a long time watching this mother moose with her two calves. One calf refused to follow her into the forest and she kept having to walk back out into the field to fetch him from where he was skipping around. In the lower picture you can see her poking her head out to try and entice him (the little brown blob) into the woods.


Some of the best wildlife was in my campground. While most campgrounds in Rocky Mountain National Park are on the east side of the park and the mountain range, I was staying on the west side and was treated to birds, elk and in the morning a fox on the hunt.

DSC_0598Version 2DSC_0621DSC_0627The tent on the left is my tent. I was in the awkward position of not being able to go to bed without breaking the 25 yard rule.


A final elk for the ride home.DSC_0657


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