Mother’s Day


On the Pacific Crest Trail, views on both sides of the ride, with the best hiking partner I’ve ever had. Happy Mother’s Day Mom!


The struggle to get this rain cover took us from the NJ REI to the Seattle REI, and we talked to many employees before we found Alyx. Through some magic he not only got us the cover, but somehow with the difference in taxes, we made 37 cents at the same time.


Some much needed rest and relaxation, we had just crossed a highway and a popular hiking trail (Sunrise Trail near Mt. Rainier) and had hiked fast to get away from the people. It had been our designated cell phone spot to call our pick up and let her know when we would make it off the trail, but there was no service. Weirdly, more than 5 miles further off the highway, tucked in our tent in a thick forest, we were able to make a call. Being on a cellphone felt…anachronistic isn’t quite the right word, but it definitely felt odd.


Looking at what I believe is Crystal Ski Resort, WA. Unfortunately that meant we could also look at roads and parking lots.


On top of Camel’s Hump, VT, on a bitterly cold fall day. That “water” is really ice, and the trail itself was incredibly icy. We barely made it out before dark, although we did have headlamps with us, but the amazing view was worth the slippery hike and the freezing winds at the top.


Another cold hike, just after a snow. This time to Silverlight or Skylight, I can never remember which, Pond just off the Vermont Long Trail.


In the 30 years between my mom’s Outward Bound course and my NOLS course, apparently there’s been no change in the camping mug design. It was nice to bring them together with a peekaboo view of Mt. Rainier. I think we ate half a block of cheddar cheese on that stump.

2 thoughts on “Mother’s Day

  1. linda hamm

    What a wonderful experience that must have been! The company, the experience and the beauty of it all. Thanks for sharing the experience. How lucky you are and how blessed I am to be able to share it if only in pictures and words!


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