Catalina State Park

Catalina State Park made me want to live in Tucson. It was beautiful, and in the morning I drove 3 minutes to a Starbucks for breakfast. I ran into people on the trails who were just taking their dogs for a walk because they live 5 minutes away. This was also my favorite photography of the entire trip, the combination of the dark clouds with the sunlight on the cacti, and then the huge raindrops over the desert.

As I walked out on a loop trail, the wind picked up and the storm rolled in. I turned back to look at the mountains as I hurried back towards my tent and saw a double rainbow arching over the desert. I think I took about a million pictures.

As I walked back, I legitimately thought to myself, “this has been such a great day! It would be a shame if I ran into a rattlesnake right now!” No joke, I stopped, looked around, and bam, there was a rattlesnake on the trail in front of me. A tiny, adorable, napping rattlesnake.

One thought on “Catalina State Park

  1. Linda Hamm

    It must be someplace special from the pictures but the snakes would do me in EVEN the baby ones. Thanks for sharing Becca I sure do enjoy reading about your travels
    Aunt Linda


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