Banff National Park

DSC_0691The welcoming committee in Banff at sunset, so around 10:00 PM.

Driving into Banff was one of the strangest driving experiences. We knew there were wildfires in the area but didn’t realize quite how bad the issue was until we were on the road. As we drove out of Calgary towards Banff we kept saying “…shouldn’t we be able to see mountains?” Even once we were in Canmore sitting in the Grizzly Paw brewery (highly recommend) in front of the huge bay windows that were definitely supposed to have a view…it was grey. In the supermarket parking lot there was ash drifting through the air. As we came into Banff there was a permanent sign on the side of the road: “Report all Wildfires.” Shortly afterwards there was a temporary sign that read: “Wildfire in area. Do not report.” That’s right, there were so many wildfires that they wanted everyone to “STOP CALLING! We know about the wildfires!” But they said please probably, because they’re Canadian.



Johnston Canyon Trail out to the Paint Pots/Ink Pots


Lake Louise and Six Glaciers Teahouse Hike


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