North Seymour Nature Walk

North Seymour Island was the next stop on the Galapagos cruise, and we did another nature walk. I believe this one was supposed to be strenuous due to the rocks? After Genovesa, North Seymour’s soil (and therefore volcanic makeup) was strikingly different and highlighted how the animals on each individual island could evolve so easily into different species.

Most of my posts now are apologies for not posting frequently enough, this time it’s been long enough that wordpress has apparently updated and everything looks different. It’s also been long enough that I’ve kind of forgotten what I’ve said before so if I repeat fun facts about boobies you just get to enjoy them again.

Frigate birds playing with sticks again.

Leaves! These are the first leaves I saw and the only ones on North Seymour. I also liked how they looked like an alien life form.

The majestic land iguana. In the first picture you can see how the cactus has been munched on, that’s the main source of iguana calories and water. In the second picture it’s on the way to walk over Matt’s foot while he stands very very still.

This blue footed booby with it’s baby demonstrates two fun facts about boobies. The first is that blue footed boobies have blue skin, which you can see on the baby, the second is the poop nest, wherein boobies projectile poop in a circle to make their nest boundaries.

The majestic (everything on this island was majestic) brown pelican, surrounded by brown noddies. When the pelican scoops up water the brown noddies land its head and pick through the tiny fish that come out when the pelican pushes the water out of its mouth.

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