Alaska Railroad

When we went to Alaska in 2015 neither Matt nor I were 25. This presents some difficulties with car rentals so we decided to take the train from Fairbanks to Denali, Denali to Seward, and Seward back to Anchorage. It also helps that I love trains. When I was a kid every spring break my mom and brother and I would take the car train from Richmond, Virginia to (I think) Fort Meyers, Florida. All the fun of watching scenery fly by in a car but the added joy of getting up and walking around whenever you want, sitting in a fancy dining car, and playing cards in the cafe. In the Adirondack Museum there’s a replica of an early 20th century train that was my favorite exhibit. This summer instead of flying or driving from Vancouver to Seattle, Matt and I are taking the train and I am SO excited. Alaska Railroad was top notch. Although it was not sunny.


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