Yellowstone: Wildlife

Mountain bluebird at Mammoth Springs.

Early morning elk.

Bison strolling down the road. I actually had to lean back in my seat to fit this much of his head in the picture. You can also check out the block print that this picture inspired.

There are four grizzly bears in this picture. A male grizzly had chased a female and her two cubs up the tall narrow tree in the middle. You can see the black dot at the top and one right below it, those are the two cubs. The browner mother is in the thickest part of the branches in the middle and towards the bottom you can see the sandy/light colored male, having trouble getting any higher on the tree.The cub at the top was clinging to the smallest branches as the tree actually swayed in the breeze.

My favorite part of this picture was actually the woman standing to my right whistling to the bison to try and get them to look at her for a picture.

Baby bison walk so funny!

An early afternoon elk.

A few of the many bison in Lamar Valley.

The Lamar Valley is also a hangout spot for Pronghorns apparently. Last time I was in Yellowstone I saw a wolf in the valley but no such luck this time. Not that I’m complaining, the grizzly bears were a new bonus.

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