Fruit Leather Corollary

One of the first recipes I posted was fruit leather, and I have an addendum to the recipe that I’m pretty proud of. In cooking in general the past two weeks my theme has been reducing waste. Chicken bones have gone in the freezer and then to stock, fish skin has gone to the dog (some of it, she was making too much of a mess to give her all of it), egg cartons are going to plant microgreens in. I also made juice, orange mango peach juice. Before juicing the oranges I zested them and threw the zest in the fridge where I later used it for the roast chicken that became the stock that will shortly become soup for the week.

My biggest problem with juicing though has always been the leftover pulp (if that is the correct word for the mushy mess in the bottom of the machine). I would actually call it 50% of the reason I don’t juice more often. The other 50% is that taking the juicer apart and cleaning it is a pain in the rear. So I decided to try something new. I blended the pulp with an apple, a little lemon juice, and 2 tablespoons of honey, spread it on the dehydrator and a short 12 hours later I had perfect fruit leather and absolutely minimal waste!

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