12 Mile Delta Hike

When we went back to Queenstown (to drop one of our crew at the airport) we stayed at 12 Mile Delta again in part because as a Tolkein and Peter Jackson fan, I had looked up a number of Lord of the Rings related filming locations. The Bob Cove Track included one such location, where the Ithilien Camp scene was filmed. Of course this is the scene near Gondor with the Mumakil and the Po-Ta-Toes, but for some reason we convinced ourselves that it was the scene at the end of Fellowship where Frodo and Sam leave the group. I think it’s because of the water we were on. So we decided we were just going to hike to the camp, take a few pictures and then head back, just a quick walk and then go to the airport. We ended up doing the entire hike (which was gorgeous) because we were looking for the wrong location. After we finished we realized what the location was supposed to be and that it was within the first .3 miles of the hike and of course we have no pictures of it-it isn’t really the most scenic part of the hike. I take full responsibility, and accept all of the related judgment (but I do recommend the entire hike).

This picture is actually from the drive back to Queenstown, not the trek.
We thought this might be the filming location until we got down to the rock beach.
Maybe it was down in the woods off the trail.

3 thoughts on “12 Mile Delta Hike

  1. Linda Hamm

    How beautiful is that. You must of had an absolutely fantastic time. How great. It wonderful to see and read about your adventures. It gives me a chance to see and read about adventures I will never have the opportunity to do. I am so great full for your blog I truly am.
    Aunt Linda
    I look forward to them more than you can imagine


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