Ten X Campground

The Grand Canyon was beautiful, and of course grand, but I ended up taking just as many pictures at the Ten X Campground due to the chillest herd of elk in the lower 48. The print I ended up making from these pictures had some Princess Mononoke vibes (one in black and white and one in color).


I thought I was lucky getting these shots in the evening, but when I got up the next morning I was treated to some guests popping in for morning coffee…


They were considerate enough to eat their own food and not impose on my limited pantry.

But they did use the facilities and check for directions.


They tried to stop me from leaving by blocking the car in, and when I informed them that I had to go to see the Grand Canyon, they made their opinions of me clear with the showing of buttocks.


And on the way out I startled some javelinas. So all in all, shockingly good wildlife (although I don’t know how wild these elks are they had no fear of people) viewing at Ten X Campground.


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