Punta Pitt, San Cristobal

Back to the Galapagos! I’ll try to move faster through these so we can get back to more of the hiking and camping, I just have all these crazy photos I want to share and it’s hard to cut them down, so we’ll focus more on just the photos. At Punta Pitt we went for a hike to the other side of the island, checking out boobies and the cool succulents on the way (I may have been the only one checking out the succulents). When we got back to the beach we went for a late afternoon snorkel with sea lions, who were swimming all around us and playing with seaweed, sticks, and each other.

Blue footed booby with chick, casually matching the sky
Matt majestically posing on the trail (and blocking his siblings behind him)
Booby flying over the sedum/succulents
Booby with two chicks. This is a rare sight since boobies, like many sea birds, practice siblicide. The large sibling will peck the younger, push it off a cliff, or intercept food so that it either dies, giving the stronger sibling more food, or remains significantly smaller and weaker. As Mr. Darwin would say…survival of the fittest.
I just like how the sleeping seal lions fit into the eroded beds on the rock wall.
Punta Pitt sunset.
Heading out to sea.
“Draw me like one of your French girls.”
Scratching an itch
Getting curious…
Looking back at the island.

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