Pasta with Pesto Alfredo

Pasta with Pesto Alfredo

Serves two


1 ½ packets ramen noodles

½ of a pesto packet

½ of an alfredo packet

¼ cup dehydrated peas

Dehydrated from frozen. These will fall through the racks if you don’t use one of the additional racks or parchment paper.

¼ cup broccoli

Dehydrated from frozen. Cut up while still frozen and dehydrate immediately. Again you may need parchment paper, the little florets fall through the rack easily.

⅛ cup tomatoes (heaping)

Dehydrate from fresh. Use grape, plum or roma, nothing larger than that or you’ll end up with a high seed to flesh ratio.

Ramen.jpgAlfredo Pesto.jpgPeas.jpgBroccoli.jpgTomatoes.jpg

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