Grand Teton: Jenny Lake

The drive from Yellowstone to Grand Teton isn’t really a drive at all, it very much feels like you’re staying in the park. That’s helped by the fact that there’s no fee collection at the entrance to Grand Teton, since you can’t (I believe) enter the park from the north without having first driven through (and paid at) Yellowstone National Park. Within minutes of entering the park there was a black bear on the side of the road. Unlike in Yellowstone where I’d seen exclusively grizzly bears, in Grand Teton I would see exclusively black bears (and some on trail).

The Tetons are the crispest group of mountains I’ve ever seen, and they remind me of the Whites in the way that they don’t seem to fit with the landscape around them.

I was lucky to get a campsite at Jenny Lake Campground, and my first hike was the trail around the lake itself, which had stunning views of the mountains across the water.

The campground itself was right on the lake, and I took a quick jaunt down to check out the sunset. Even more amazing was the view I had literally from inside my tent. Best front porch view in the world.

Breakfast of champions at Jenny Lake Campground

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