Into a large pot pour the entire bag of jasmine (or other white) rice. Add twice the amount of water. Pour in 2 packets of ramen chicken flavor per pound of rice. Mix thoroughly. Cover, turn heat up to high and bring to a boil. Bring heat down to a simmer without taking lid off and cook for approximately 30 more minutes until all of the water is absorbed.

Spread rice on dehydrator trays and dehydrate at 135 for 8-12 hours. When you turn the dehydrator off break up the rice immediately so that the grains are as separate as possible. Store in gallon zip lock bag.

Beef Pasta

For one pound of noodles. Select pasta that can be eaten with a spoon, such as mini shells or elbows. Fill pot with water and add 2 packets of beef ramen flavoring. Pour all your pasta in and bring to boil. Cook your pasta, if you need specific instructions on how to boil pasta, dehydrating full meals may be a stretch (Link contains adult language).

Scoop noodles onto dehydrating sheets. Apparently the holes in the normal racks are too big for mini elbows, so use the fine mesh sheets or parchment paper if you don’t have those. Dehydrate on 135 for 8-12 hours, every 3 hours or so mix up the pasta a little. Break up into a gallon zip lock bag.

Pasta 1.jpgPasta 2.jpgpasta 3.jpg


Cut all vegetables into approximately equal size, ¼-½ inch. Everything has to fit on a spoon. When dehydrating multiple vegetable types, put the veggies most likely to fall through as they dehydrate or to drip weird flavors on the other veggies at the bottom. Dehydrate at 135 overnight (8-12 hours).

Veggies 1.jpgVeggies 2.jpgVeggies 3.jpg


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