Jasper National Park

In Jasper we did part of the Mina-Riley Lakes loop, and also discovered some really lovely breweries and bakeries in the town of Jasper. While Banff may have had some more epic hiking, Jasper definitely had more epic baked goods. The first set of pictures are from Mina-Riley


Athabasca Falls was probably the most amazing part of Jasper. The sheer volume of water that flowed through these tiny canyons, you can see how wide the river is and how incredibly narrow the channels it carved through the rock are. Later when we were driving down the Icefields Parkway we saw the Athabasca Glacier, source of this incredible river.


And finally an elk snacking by the side of the road, just outside of Jasper. To be honest I mostly took the picture to demonstrate how to take a picture of wildlife on the side of the road without causing a traffic jam, but it came out alright!


Was this a lazy blog post? Yes, yes it was.

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