Zodiac Adventures: Santiago and Santa Cruz

Sullivan Bay on Santiago had one major attraction…Galapagos Penguins. We took a zodiac around the bay and observed the odd rock formations, formed, as with most odd formations in the Galapagos, by the eruption, cooling and breakdown of volcanos and volcanic rocks. We were hoping to maybe see one penguin, but as with all expectations in the islands it was exceeded.

The loneliest penguin.

We also went snorkeling in Sullivan Bay, but I did not bring a camera to capture the enormous black tip reef shark that swam by us, followed immediately by a then very frightening sea lion.

The next day we visited Santa Cruz, which is one of the extra protected islands. Because we couldn’t walk on the island we took a zodiac tour, which was a delightful sunset experience.

Mullets! Mullets are one of my favorite fish, due to my childhood experiences in Florida. Every spring break we would stay on Cabbage Key and sea kayak out to the barrier island of Cayo Costa every day. The kayaking route passed mangroves and meandered through shallow waters full of mullets, and they would go leaping out of the water. After years and years it finally happened, I heard a smack and a yell. A mullet had jumped right onto my mom’s kayak.

I love seeing animals that are unique and rare in a unique place but are commonplace at home, such as this great blue heron.
Diving pelicans! I also have some great pictures where the pelicans were diving too fast for my camera to catch so they look hilariously distorted.

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