Glacier Point Hike

I know you can drive to Glacier Point, and if you have mobility challenges you should absolutely drive and experience the incredible views of Half Dome. But if you can, you should definitely hike up from the valley. There’s the obvious, the added value of a view when you’ve actually put in the physical work to get there, but the hike is worth it in itself. When you get to Glacier Point you’ll be sharing the view with the incredible volume of people who drove up, but the entire trail is open views of Half Dome and the entire valley that you’ll have virtually to yourself. There are plenty of lookouts to stop at as well, and if you’re willing to hike in the dark the trail looks out to the west where you can get a stunning sunset over the valley.

The Dawn Wall from the trail.
A view of Yosemite Falls, or the ghost of Yosemite Falls since in October it was completely dry but you could see the effect the rushing water of the spring and summer had on the rock.
Half Dome from the trail.
The trail is entirely made up of unobstructed views of the valley (once you get above the first row of trees).
Half Dome from Glacier Point
The beginning of sunset as we headed down the trail. Not even close to how dramatic it would get. When we saw the colors through the trees we sprinted down the trail to an overlook to watch the show before hiking down the rest of the trail in the dark.

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