Oregon PCT Day 1

As I always do in the summer, I will be traveling extensively, and for 85% of the time I will not have access to either my laptop or wifi, and I just don’t have a good enough data plan to use my phone for blog updates. So the plan is to schedule some posts on a trip that I have neglected to blog about, the section of the PCT in Oregon that my mom and I hiked in 2016. Since I’m creating all of these posts in the day and a half between finishing my grading and leaving for the Galapagos, they will really just be the photos from each day…just so you don’t forget me while I’m gone.

For the full story on the beginning of the journey, check out Trail Magic.

Beginning at McKenzie Pass, carrying all kinds of ridiculous food we weren’t able to throw away, and a copy of Me Before You, which we had both read and not enjoyed. (See Trail Magic)
Looking South to two of the Three Sisters
No better place to re-enact the end of The Return of the King: “Do you remember the taste of strawberries Mr. Frodo?”
Lava’s pretty cool. Pretty ankle rolling though.
The sign, the mountains, the mom….what an amazing picture I took here!
Our first snow on the trail! It was exciting at this point. It got progressively less exciting as we moved north. Actually not less exciting, just differently exciting.
Looking north to Three Fingered Jack through a burn.
We made it to the 3/4 point of the PCT in just one day! We’re so amazing!
There was a really cool mountain behind that fog I swear.
Dinner! Cheesy Potatoes.

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