Grand Teton in the Fall

I’ve always wanted to visit a National Park in the snow, and surprisingly got the chance in October. Maybe not surprising since we were in Wyoming. One of my friends did us all the huge favor of getting married in Teton Village over Columbus Day Weekend which gave us the opportunity to spend a long weekend in the National Parks. A lot of the roads into Yellowstone were closed but Grand Teton was gorgeous, the aspens were still golden but everything was covered in snow and a low hanging grey cloud. It gave everything a spooky sepia color tone but I promise no filters were applied.

I love the colors in this photo.
An overlook in Grand Teton
Snake River


On the Yellowstone border looking back at the Tetons and aspens.
Grizzly Bear! He was there on our way into the park and when we left after dark he was still there. The poor park rangers had been out in the cold directing traffic for hours and apparently the bear had crossed the road multiple times.

While some of us are from the Northeast, we all went to school in Houston and most of us live there now. This was Hannah’s first snowball fight! Could there be a more epic place for your first snowball fight?

Very rude to throw snowballs at the photographer.
Matt gets taken out by Will in a dramatic setting.
Matt gets his revenge.

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